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Just sharing some meaningful things with all you beautiful flowers. Opening up a view to you sweet souls, into the type of items PLUS MORE that I will be having in my store, created with Riality’s name as our brand :) 

Good Luck my lovely flowers xx

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detail.cutting by Atih Grada Hada.


We do not really experience the truth. Everything we encounter in this life….things, people, places, events, are all experienced through our own, personal filter; these are only distorted reflections of what is really going on. We are each living in our very own personal dream…..and no two people will experience anything the same way. If I cannot experience your dream, and you cannot experie…nce mine, how can I tell you that I am “right” and you are “wrong”? Until we awaken from the dream, all “truth” is subjective. This planet is inhabited by billions of dreamers, each starring in their very own, personal dream. Conflict will continue until we understand this, and until we stop trying in vain to have others see things our way. Trying to change others is an impossibility and a terrible waste of time and energy, I feel. What would happen if we each focused on cleansing and mastering our own perceptions instead? 

this is insanely fantastic, and so insanely true